Giving your bathroom a weekend makeover is the perfect place to try out new and different design techniques and styles you may be interested in attempting, but have some hesitation due to the fact if you don’t like it, you’ve wasted your time and money. Since a bathroom is so small, it can be the perfect place to start a new home improvement project. If you mess up, you can simply fix it the next day.

Textured wall coverings are a great way to add some pizzazz to lifeless and bland drywall finish bathroom walls. Textured wallpaper compliments chair rail, beadboard and wainscoting. Elegant matching or contrasting stripes can be detail for wallpaper wainscoting or create your own textured wallpaper chair rail or border for something a little different.

Other textured surfaces include joint compound stomps, sprays and peels. Even brown paper bags can be used to create a leather Tuscan look. Almost any joint compound or other adhesive will stick to nearly any surface, so long as it has been properly primed with the correct paint.

Wainscoting, beadboard and chair railing are simple, economical and beautiful additions to any weekend bathroom makeover project. Minimal tools and skills are required to install wainscoting, beadboard and chair railing.

Rejuvenating vinyl flooring Vinyl flooring can quickly go out of style. Change the vinyl without removing the vinyl by painting with a vinyl primer and successive coats of polyurethane to seal in the painted finish. Any pattern can be simply painted on instead of costly and timely refinishing.

Shower Curtain You can easily create your own work of art masterpiece shower curtain with the help of a needle and thread. By using indoor/outdoor fabric, you can prevent mold and mildew from penetrating your custom made shower curtain.

Ceiling tins Don’t forget the ceiling during your weekend bathroom makeover! Pressed and stamped metal tin ceiling tiles can be a quick and inexpensive way to dress up your bathroom. Easy to install with just adhesive and a good layout, tin ceiling tiles can be done in record time.

Marble countertops Even if your vanity is a single unit sink/counter, you can still install an attractive marble overlay on your bathroom sink. Gather basic measurements for the edges, sink opening and fixtures, and then send them to a custom granite counter supplier for cutting. Once it arrives, glue it in place using a strong mastic adhesive.