Many people choose to line their living room walls with furniture, but unless the living room is very small, this is not usually the preeminent arrangement. Try placing a couch or loveseat in a corner, and decorate that corner behind the couch or loveseat instead of leaving it empty. This otherwise dead space can be used to your advantage, and it can be decorated in ways that will add warmth and dimension to the space.

Add Task Lighting

A living room corner behind a couch or loveseat is the ideal location to add task lighting for reading and relaxing while watching television. Depending on the living room style, invest in an adjustable floor lamp. Consider a modern lamp with adjustable arms, or a traditional lamp with a light-directing lampshade. This will provide a comfortable place to enjoy reading, and the space behind the furniture will not be wasted. A stylish lamp will help decorate the living room while providing a practical purpose.

Decorate an Empty Angles with Large Floor Plants

A well-lit empty corner behind a living room couch or loveseat can be used to decorate the space with at least one large floor plant. However, high-quality artificial plants can be just as beautiful when looking for new ways to decorate while adding warmth and style. Fill up an empty corner behind a loveseat or couch with potted greenery. It will most definitely add a welcoming feel to any living room, no matter the style.

Buy a Freestanding Corner Shelf for the Living Room

An empty living room corner behind a couch or loveseat can be filled with a stylish corner shelf unit. Buy a freestanding corner shelf. Because it will be somewhat difficult to access behind a couch or loveseat, use it to display tabletop works of art and framed photos instead of books and other items that must be reached on a regular basis. A corner shelf unit in a living room will only require occasional dusting. Best of all, breakables will be out of reach of curious kids and mischievous pets.

Invest in a Sofa Table

A typical sofa table is rectangular in shape, but it still offers an ideal way to decorate an empty living room corner behind a couch or loveseat. Depending on the height of the furniture, the table top is generally several inches below the back of a loveseat or couch. No matter the height of a couch or loveseat, a stylish sofa table provides the perfect place to decorate an empty living room corner with a lamp, plants, or tabletop works of art.

Instead of filling every square foot of living room wall space with furniture and other belongings, begin doing a little rearranging. Take advantage of extra space in a corner or two. A newly rearranged living room can look completely different and highly stylish, and the aforementioned ways to decorate in a corner behind a couch or loveseat will not cost anything but time.