During the summer time we often find the need to redecorate the porch that maybe has been neglected for the past few months during the coolness of the winter. If you are planning on redecorating your porch this summer and want a refreshing new look that you can get just by changing the color scheme of your porch then these Valspar paint colors are perfect for you. The bold hues make the porch bright and fun while a grounding trim color will bring the entire look together making the porch a perfect place to relax and enjoy a summer afternoon or play some games and have fun!

Valspar Paint Colors for the Porch: Walls

The walls of the porch will be lively and fun with a fresh new coat of paint. Spring Lawn from the Valspar interior color line is perfect for a porch. This yellowish green tone is a nice summery color and it also looks great with flowers and porch furniture such as white wicker. Spring Lawn is not a really bold color but it is bright and fun making it the perfect color for summer on the porch.

Valspar Paint Colors for the Porch: Trim

A grounding color is used for the trim to tone down the bold hue of Spring Lawn from the Valspar interior paint color line. Woodlawn Whitewash is a soft tan tone that is almost white. This Valspar interior paint color is similar to the wood lines that can be seen in whitewashed oak furniture and it coordinates perfectly with a bright hue such as Spring Lawn. Woodlawn Whitewash from the Valspar interior paint color line is also a great color to use for furniture on the porch such as a table setting or even the floor if the porch floors are wood.

Valspar Paint Colors for the Porch: Accents

The perfect wall color and trim color needs to be paired with a bold accent color to pull the entire porch together. Perfectly Blue from the Valspar interior paint color line is the perfect accent for this porch paint color combination from Valspar. Perfectly Blue is a soft blue tone that has a slight boldness about it that really brings the entire porch together. Use this Valspar paint color for accent furniture pieces on the porch or coordinate fabrics with this blue tone for the perfect finishing touch on a summer porch that your friends and family will love to spend time on!