The first decade of the 21st century has come and gone. As we enter into the next, 2010 fashion and design has brought with it a spirit of the new and innovating ideas like never before. Old is new again with a green ecological or uber trendy style. The themes in design is especially so when it comes to the interior decorating styles for your home. Tradition style and decor is lovely but the eclectic and sublime is super fun. Making any interior home fresh and renewed is the aim of modern day living. Trendy fashion styles often make there way into the designing ideas of interior decorating. Now more than ever designers are having fun with interior decoration and design.

From transformer furniture’s quirky style sofas to multipurpose furniture for smalls space the variety of unique decorating options available on the market is both diverse and innovating. The latest interior decorating design fad to hit the shops are psychedelic furnishings for the home.

The style and influences of the 60s always find their way decades on back into mainstream importance. The 60s are renowned for the era of psychedelics and experimenting. This design theme is intensified, extra sensory perception and distortion throughout. Psychedelic disco chairs fantastically formed by Wallpaper Magazine are a masterpiece of electroluminescent wire lighting. While psychedelic spiral chair are expressive, fun and out of this world different than your average household chair. Chic and cozy describes the psychedelic furnishings on offer by Spiral in the Trip shop in Osaka, Japan. Hip and happening stylish furnishings with a modern take on the psychedelic look of old blends wonderfully throughout their eclectic pieces. From lighting to TV’s and everything in between, with the snap of a finger your home can be perfectly transformed from the ordinary to extraordinary psychedelic style.

For those whose bedrooms are screaming out for change the versatility of the psychedelic look translates beautifully in the bedroom. Turning your ordinary drab bedroom into something of an outer bodily experience is just a matter of a few key pieces to set the pace. Designers like Olga Tcherednikova have created some wonderful options for the most mind altering interior designs you could imagine. ‘Psychedelic bedroom’ design are not for the faint hearted. Bold dream like patterns and brightly colored expressive textiles can instantly transform your bedroom look overnight. Depending upon your own personal tastes your new psychedelic bedroom design can be as calming or as brazen as you like. Brazen psychedelic bedroom designs feature bright colors such as lemon yellow, purple and lime green. So, if you have been used to playing it safe with standard white or neutral walls then this look will not be for you. Swirls and collided colors are at the heart of the psychedelic bedroom scheme. Check out the following for more info about this fun and exciting design look here.