Decorating theme ideas can be elegant, stylish, or even fun, and the creative options are endless. Theme decorating provides a means of expression while creating a comfortable atmosphere in the home, and the living room is the ideal place to begin. A nature theme is especially welcoming, and it can be stylish as well as fun. If nature is a subject of interest, create a living room with a nature theme. It will look impressive and inviting, and decorating can be accomplished without spending a lot of money on expensive store-bought décor. Some of the best methods of decorating do not cost a dime.

Hang Photos with a Nature Theme

Hand-painted works of wall art can be quite expensive, but they add color and design to bare walls. When decorating with a nature theme and looking for cheap ways to add appeal and natural color, opt for framed photos. An expensive camera is not required.

Visit a local park, and snap pictures of majestic trees from various angles as well as flowers, wildlife, or any other eye-catching subjects that fit a nature theme. Enlarge and frame the photos, and create a focal point on a bare living room wall. Photos with a nature theme will add vibrancy and life to the living room, and since they are cheap they will not blow the decorating budget.

Create a Beautiful Lighted Faux Tree for Living Room Decorating

Soft light adds ambience to a space, and the living room is the ideal place for decorating with small ambient lights. When decorating a living room in a nature theme, create a beautiful lighted faux tree using a large tree branch with lots of smaller branches, a heavy ceramic pot to match the nature theme, and a string of white or amber lights. You will also need florist’s foam and natural dry moss. They are both available in craft stores.

Begin by placing the florist foam inside the heavy ceramic pot. It should fit snuggly. Next, push the tree branch into the center of the florist foam, and hide the foam with a thick layer of dried moss.

Lastly, arrange a string or two of indoor/outdoor lights on the branches. Be sure to light up each branch. This easy decorating accessory will look fantastic at night when all of the living room lights are off, and it will add to the nature theme in a unique and affordable new way.

Arrange a Basket of Items with a Nature Theme

Decorating a living room in a nature theme is really very easy, and it can be very cheap. Pick up natural items such as acorns, a variety of small pinecones, and pretty stones. Arrange them in a small woven basket on a layer of dried moss. These items that are ideal for decorating a living room with a nature theme are provided compliments of Mother Nature, and they will add natural beauty to the space. If you can find them they are free for the taking, and all you will have to buy is the basket and the dried moss.

Make a Stamped Lampshade with a Nature Theme

Paper lampshades provide many unique possibilities, especially when decorating a living room in a nature theme. Locate fresh fern branches, and buy a couple of shades of green latex craft paint. Practice making fern leaf stamped graphics on paper sacks or sheets of scrap paper. Apply the paint to the leaves with a sponge or a rag, and vary the shades of green to add realism and dimension.

After perfecting the application technique, carefully stamp the ferns onto a paper living room lampshade. When the living room lamp is on it will create silhouette of ferns, and during daylight hours the colors and details will be more evident. This is a very unique way of decorating otherwise ordinary lampshades while adding tremendous beauty and style to a living room with a nature theme.

Decorating a Living Room with Sparkling Scented Pinecones

Add fragrance to a living room with a nature theme by making sparkling fragrant pinecones. Mix fine iridescent glitter with essential oil, and brush it onto clean sturdy pinecones. Place the scented pinecones in a pretty woven basket away from children and pets on a living room shelf near a source of light. The essential oil will gradually soak into the natural fiber of the pinecones, and the small flecks of glitter will create an eye-catching living room display. The scent can be refreshed as necessary.

Natural items and natural ways of decorating are perfect for a living room with a nature theme. Decorating with items found in nature is really very easy, and it can be accomplished on a budget. Use the aforementioned ideas and expand upon them. With a little creativity and ingenuity, it is possible to create a beautiful living room with a nature theme that is welcoming and naturally impressive.