Here’s a collection of bathroom decorating ideas that are simple and cheap to do. Even so, these decorating ideas will add whimsy and beauty to your bathroom. From musical bathroom decorating ideas, to bathroom remodeling you can do yourself, or bathroom decorating with paint, you are sure to find inspiration for your next bathroom decorating project.
Bathroom Decorating with Music

Add the whimsy of music to your bathroom decorating by hanging a wind chime in your shower’s water stream, or placing a fountain music box on a bathroom shelf. And be sure to add a sleek shower CD player to fill your bathroom with soothing sounds. Find out all about bathroom decorating with music in this article.

Bathroom Decorating with Paint

Freshen up your bathroom decor by painting your old cabinets, walls and even floor. Learn how to coordinate your colors, how to create texture, and which paints to use. Bathroom decorating with paint is the easiest way to create the illusion that everything in your bathroom is new. Find out how you can bathroom decorate with paint in this article.

Bathroom Decorating with Simple Remodeling

If your bathroom is old and dingy, your bathroom decorating must target these problems. Find out how to patch rust holes in your tub, or how to refinish worn countertops. And learn how to give your walls an elegant faux texture, and how to upgrade your old mirror. Read the full bathroom decorating instructions in this article.

Bathroom Decorating for Tubs

If you have a tub and no shower in your bathroom, there is a way to add a showerhead even if you have no wall to mount it on. This bathroom decorating consists of finding an elegant solution to the problem. Instead of installing a rickety, external pipe, consider going through the ceiling, to position your showerhead overhead. Find out how in this article. And be sure to create your own clawfoot tub shower curtain rod with a beautiful shower curtain enclosure, to complete you bathroom decorating with elegance.

Bathroom Decorating with Chalkboard Paint

Turn your bathroom decorating into an entertainment center. Create a fun blackboard for doodling while spending time in the bathroom. Find out how you can turn five hand-mirrors into an elegant bathroom decorating chalkboard in this article.

Bathroom Decorating for Your Mirror

Bathroom decorating has the most impact when you focus on big objects. And the biggest wall ornament in your bathroom is your mirror. It’s easy to build a frame for your mirror, to give it an elegant, modern look. Find out how in this article.

Enjoy your new bathroom!