Decorating with pink is a great idea for a little girl’s bedroom. I don’t know many little girls who don’t go through the “I love pink” phase. In fact, I think most all women like shades of pink. Pink invokes a “romantic” feeling. When we see pink, we think of warmth, softness and girly. With today’s decorating fad of “shabby chic” and vintage looks people are using pink in many areas of the home, including the bathroom, bedrooms, and even the kitchen.
I’d like to focus on ideas for a little girl’s bedroom in this article. Decorating is easiest if you take the time to plan a little first. Take into consideration what your little girls’ interests are. You want it to be something she will like, so ask questions, discuss colors and themes with her, search through magazines for ideas, and it will be a lot of fun for both of you.

-First choose a theme for the room – (for my illustration a garden theme)

There are many themes incorporating pink for girl’s bedrooms. For example you could do a Fairy theme, a Garden theme, Victorian, Cottage, or polka dot theme. The two of you should have no problem for choosing a theme.

-Next, choose a color scheme – (for my illustration – sage green, pastel pink and white)

There are a lot of colors that go with different shades of pink. Popular colors include pale turquoise, soft yellow, sage green, olive green, soft lilacs, earth tones, and bright white. Try to choose paint colors for the walls that will allow you to change the theme as your little girl becomes a tween and then teen. A great new trend is to paint two walls one color and the other two walls a complementary color in your chosen scheme. This technique adds an extra interest to the room.

-Furniture- (for my illustration- white painted furniture)

After the walls are painted, choose pieces of furniture that can be updated as your child grows. Beds, nightstands and dressers that you already have can often be updated by adding a fresh coat of paint. Furniture should be sturdy and functional also. Think of adding storage options such as bins, drawers, pretty fabric baskets, or ottomans with lids for extra storage. As we know, girls like to have a lot of collections of things, so give her lots of storage space. Consider placing a hope chest in the room. It can double as a space for her nicest things, and a bench to sit on, if you add a plush cushion on top to coordinate with the bedding. Add a desk for doing homework or writing as it will be very useful for many years. White furniture and bright white trim would be attractive with sage green walls and pink accessories.

-Bedding, linens, window treatments (for my illustration- pink floral comforter or quilt and sage or white sheets)

Sheets should be soft and comfortable. Consider a sheet set with at least a 600 thread count. Another option is using the new microfiber sheets. They are soft and very comfortable. A pretty pink floral comforter or quilt and white or sage sheets would be beautiful paired together. Toss some furry or micro-beaded pillows on the bed for added comfort and lounging. Long flowing sheer pastel curtains would add a feminine touch to the room. Add a few shaggy pink or green rugs to warm up the room.


Make sure there is ample light in the room for studying, reading, or just hanging out with friends. Crystal based lamps with pretty pink shades would be lovely. Wall mounted lights are also useful near the bed for nighttime reading. Using shelves, mirrors, fabric covered corkboard, baskets, hat boxes and pretty pictures using coordinated colors in your theme are all inexpensive ways to add the finishing touches to a feminine bedroom your little girl will be glad to call her own. Paint the door to the bedroom in one of your chosen colors and hang a pretty pink plaque on the outside with her name on it to let others know that this is “her” room. She will feel really special.

There really is no way to go wrong decorating a room if you use colors, fabrics, and accessories that your child likes. Just have fun with it and use your imagination and creative instincts to create a comfortable haven for your child.

I would suggest stores such as Bed, Bath and Beyond, Target, JC Penny, and Wal-Mart in my area of the South for purchases. You use your favorite stores for the best bargains you can find! Using store coupons, checking out clearance aisles, and plundering around in Goodwill stores for treasures are great ways to find bargains and decorate on a budget.