In today’s economy, keeping with a budget is vital for survival. The same goes for decorating – when decorating, it’s vital to keep a budget. Otherwise you may end up spending all of your money on fancy sheets and have nothing left over for the rest of the room. Here are some great tricks, tips and ideas for finding home decor or redecorating on a budget.
Chances are, you’ve maybe got a few hundred dollars saved up to redecorate a room. Or, you don’t care to replace your furniture because it’s still in fairly good shape – and let’s face it, furniture is on the more expensive side of the scale when it comes to redecorating.

If you’re tired of your furniture but you can’t afford to replace it, consider purchasing some covers. You can find sofa covers for your couches or chairs and instantly renew your furniture for only a fraction of the price it would cost to replace the furniture. Also, consider using blankets or throws to add new color to your furniture, especially if you can’t find the right chair cover. Throws come in a variety of sizes and colors, and they’re relatively inexpensive – so it’s easy to find the perfect one. Plus, you can also create your own throw using fabric and batting from your local fabric store.

A great idea for redecorating is to paint a focal wall in your room. You can easily purchase a gallon of paint and painting supplies for under $20 and add a focal wall to any room. Consider painting the wall behind your television, or perhaps the wall your fireplace is on. Doing so will add a lot of interest and definitely change up any room for a fraction of your budget.

Rugs are another great option for sprucing up a room on the budget. Purchasing new carpet is expensive, but buying a large or small scale rug for your room is relatively cheap in comparison – plus you’ll get the same look and feel of a new carpet, without the hefty price tag.

Wall decor is another great way to redecorate a room for cheap. You can rearrange your frames to create a photo collage. Or, you can also get a large frame and nail it to the wall to create interest without the cash. Paint the area within a frame another color to add extra flair.

Black and white photography is also a great way to add interest to walls. You can create your own black and white family photos using a photo editing program on your computer, and have them printed out at a local retailer, such as Walgreen’s.

Last but not least, consider refinishing your wooden furniture. If you’re tired of the look of light wood and want something a bit more contemporary, you can sand and refinish your old furniture to create a new look. Refinishing coffee tables, side tables or shelving units is fairly inexpensive and just about anyone could do it within a few hours.

Remember, when it comes to redecorating – money is not your limitation, your imagination is.