Shabby Chic has been a popular decorating trend over the past decade, but what exactly is shabby chic décor? Shabby chic can best be described as a contemporary Scandinavian design mixed with a touch of Victorian country appeal. In other words, shabby chic is a designer trend that emulates a pastel feminine design element. Shabby chic interior design tends to work well in bedrooms and bathrooms, but not in living rooms or kitchens. The most popular room for shabby chic design is definitely the master bedroom. To best interpret this look, walls are generally painted stony white or a soft pastel color. With a few practical tips, you can transform these starkly painted walls in a master bedroom into a shabby chic design.
Choose Ornate Light Wood Furniture

Contemporary furniture with clean lines and soft pale bleached wood is the perfect element for a shabby chic bedroom. The furniture can be a light as pure white, or as dark as a bleached or color washed oak tone, but don’t go any darker than that. In addition, paint your door trim, windowpanes and trim, and crown molding a stark white color. A fresh clean color palate will set the mood for this shabby chic design that focuses on Scandinavian furniture design. The woodworking on the bed, headboard, dresser, and accent tables can have an ornate design like simple scrolls or decorative lines to maximize the shabby chic motif.

Embellish with Light Colored Victorian Accents

A pastel wood sconce with a slight amount of gilding can be hung on the bedroom wall with some simple off-white candles inserted in the candleholders. This Victorian design element is symbolic of shabby chic decor. Blue and white china vases, beaded chandeliers, and pastel ginger boxes all add to the soft and elegant shabby chic look that makes for an impressive bedroom design. For an attractive look, you can take white chandelier ceiling circles and hang them on the wall as decorative wall art. These circular patterned displays are feminine and elegant in their design.

Capture the Shabby Chic Look

One key to ensuring a romantic and feminine design is to keep the room sparsely furnished with plenty of wall and floor space. You can add plenty of accessories to the bed and the dresser in the bedroom without cluttering too much wall or floor area. Glass and mirrored surfaces truly capture the shabby chic design, so be sure to add a large simple white or silver framed mirror above the dresser. Impressive artifacts such as tin lanterns, beaded throw pillows, metallic wall sconces, and daintily framed wall art can also complement the shabby chic bedroom. As you can see, Shabby chic can best be described as a combination of pastel Scandinavian design and Victorian country elegance. This feminine design element is a perfect décor inspiration for the master bedroom.