Luckily, the rule of no white after Labor Day only applies to clothing. Net time you want to step out of your comfort-zone in room renovations, try going white. White seems boring but possesses aesthetic qualities of its own when designed correctly. White is not even, technically a color, as it is not on the infra ray color spectrum. White is light, before the colors are broken in a prism. Here are some tips when designing with the absence of color.

Design monochromatically. This applies the principal of using multiple shades of one hue. White comes in literally hundreds of varieties. They can be pearl white, egg white, tinted blue, tinted pink, antique white, and so on. Using multiple shades creates dimension in this clean-cut room. Just be careful not to make a piece of furniture appear dirty from darker paint.

Light flooring is a key aspect to monochromatic d├ęcor. There are several options for white-room flooring. Travertine and concrete can be polished or painted. Wood floors can be stained white. Carpeting can be done in whites, beige, cream, or tan. Keeping a white scene will help to offset special pieces.

Splashes of color make a dramatic impact on a clean slate. Color should be focused on only a few select pieces. You may want it to be a large focal piece like an intricate rug or bright sofa. Your color pop should be rich in hue. You could also make it smaller pieces like drop down light fixtures in a brilliant color.

Lighting plays a major role in white rooms because white reflects light. Incandescent light bulbs give a yellow ting. Fluorescent bulbs can be good if you are using whites with pink or blue tints. Otherwise, you may want to try a combination of incandescent with halogen.

Metal accents are another stylish addition to a contemporary white room. Chrome and stainless steel look sharp and clean, like a laboratory or doctor’s office. This is the appeal of a white room. Metal is modern in the white room. It is an appreciation of simplicity. There are lines, shapes, that weren’t noticeable with the distraction of colors and patterns.

Geometrically lined furniture is conducive to this clean white room. Dramatic shapes that are extremely round or cubical look edgy in a white room. Leather is a trendy design choice in a while room. It has the crisp, clean appearance initially. It is the look of superiority.

White rooms can be very intense but incredibly alluring if designed with a crisp and edgy appearance in mind.