Short on cash, but wanting to inject some style into your home decor? Here you’ll find a list of ideas for decorating the walls of any room, saving money as you class up the place.
Nothing spruces up a wall like an interesting collection of photos. With digital cameras becoming ever more popular, it’s cheaper than ever to create prints of your favorite snapshots. Inexpensive frames are easily found at discount stores and thrift stores. A cluster of themed photos makes a unique conversation starter. Try one of these ideas:

Family portraits and vacation photos are usually readily available, not to mention better served hanging on a wall for all to see than hidden away in a box or a photo album somewhere. Especially if there’s a story behind that trip to London or the family reunion in Dallas, family shots are a rich reminder of good times. A succession of photos of a sunrise or sunset looks beautiful hung all in a row, even in mismatched frames. Try printing them in different sizes or hanging them out of order for a really interesting composition. Take your camera downtown and photograph interesting sights, like architectural details, graffiti murals, and old, boarded-up buildings. Get really close to a scratched-up letter on a sign or an antique door-knocker. The skyline is always a good bet. Don’t fancy yourself much of an artist? Jot down a few colors you’d like to have in each room, and go looking for objects to match. Take a picture of a big red barn, a blue door bearing a wreath, or even a sun-lit field of green grass. Grouped together, these photos will lend sparkling splashes of color to an otherwise dull room. Album Covers
At your local discount record store, book store, or thrift shop, you can find all sorts of vinyl albums for a dollar or less. Although some of them may not hold much interest for you musically, the album covers can be quite interesting and pretty. Many don’t even have the artist’s name featured prominently on the front. Try hanging up four covers with similar colors in a block on a bare wall, or tiling twelve or twenty of them over the bed like a headboard. You might even find the interior liner notes visually interesting. Experiment with a few looks.
Magazine Pages
Fashion shoots, travelogues, you name it-all kinds of photography can be found on the magazine rack. Pick up an issue of Condé Nast Traveler, National Geographic Traveler, Vogue, or any number of photography magazines for a wealth of material to frame.

Old Postcards
A dime a dozen at flea markets and antique shops, postcards from the past lend a warm, nostalgic feel to a room. If you find one with an endearing message written on it, hang that side facing outward. Look for images of people wearing different styles of clothing, shots of old cars, even old remembrances of tourist attractions still alive today. As you’ll see, half the fun is in the search! Think beyond what I’ve laid out in this list; any kind of printed matter can make for a fitting decoration-well, junk mail excepted, unless, you know, you’re the quirkiest of decorators. Take a weekend and go looking for images; I bet you’ll be surprised at how many turn up.