Want to know how to decorate with an Americana theme in your living room? Showing your American pride with patriotic decorating has never been easier. This article will give you the perfect way to convey it whether you are a traditional or modern decorator!

How To Decorate With An Americana Theme In Your Living Room- Colors
Patriotic American decorating, of course, means using the traditional red, white and blue. The decision making part comes in when you decide how and where to use them. The trick is to balance the colors around the room.

For example, if you have blue carpet paint your walls white and all your fabric choices should be mainly red. If you have a more neutral toned carpet, you can mix and match the three colors as you wish.

For a more traditional crafty look, paint the bottom of the walls in a red and blue striped pattern, or solid white with red and blue stars. Keep the top plain white to show off the artwork you’ll be hanging later and divide the two areas with a complementary border or chair rail.

How To Decorate With An Americana Theme In Your Living Room- Furniture
Pick out furniture in a solid red, white or blue for patriotic American decorating. White wicker works well for a traditional or country look, while leather in any of the stars n’ stripes colors can be brought in for a more modern look. Material such as microfibers or real suede’s will fit well in any interior design style.

Tables and shelves can be painted to match the theme with stencils or solid colors. For a less whimsical feel, buy furniture in darker woods for a formal space.

Paint the TV. With a little time and extra care, you can paint your TV, computer monitor and other electronic equipment in the room to match to the scheme. (See the “Additional Tips” section at the bottom of this article for detailed instructions.)

How To Decorate With An Americana Theme In Your Living Room- Artwork amp; Accessories
This is where the fun part comes in. Choose a theme within the theme, such as an eagle collection to display or old war memorabilia. Buy one large painting or print, if you do not already have it, to hang over the sofa and spread your collection around the rest of the space.

You can also choose to just collect and display general American craft items that feature patriotic decorating. Old tin stars, hand painted flag signs and more can be found at flea markets, thrift stores, antique shops and online auction houses.

Bring in other accessories as you go. A few blank spaces on the wall or empty shelves will with treasures you find so do not clutter it all up right away. The best thing about when you begin to decorate with an Americana theme in your living room, you’ll never be done with finding items that showcase your personal interior design style, as well as your American pride.

Additional Tips:
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