Some of the most unique and artistic pieces of wall d├ęcor can be found on the average college campus. Decorating the walls in a dorm room or residence hall can be an invigorating project, so keep and open mind and look for eccentric ideas. Traditionally, dorm room walls are made of cement and have a cold and unwelcoming aspect about them. In a way, a dorm room is almost like a small, crowded basement with a window. To help decorate a college dorm room, you can cover these cold and bare walls with unique pieces of wall art that will bring warmth and interest to the room. For some practical tips on how to decorate dorm room walls, try out these simple suggestions.

Explore Art that is Conversational

Eccentric and unique dorm room wall art is typically a true conversation piece. Consider vacations, trips, and unusual experiences in your life and build a collage of wall art out of these personal elements. For example, display a poster from a 3D movie that you saw with your high school ball team or a painting from an antique store you visited on family vacation. A classic picture that is a representation of modern pop culture or a collection of music albums can also be great conversation pieces. Unique and personalized wall art will provide you with the perfect conversation piece in your college dorm room.

Choose College Dorm Room Wall Art that is Simple

When someone enters your college dorm room, they probably don’t want to see a cluttered photo collage of every friend and family member you know. Be selective in you wall art choices and keep them simple. Three or four photographs that have been framed with a black matte will add more structure and simplicity to the room. In addition, consider simple photographs that are not just of people but are of places that are sentimental to you. You could hang a picture of a water tower that displays the name of your hometown or a photo of your favorite restaurant on the wall. These are simple wall art ideas, but they can leave a big impression.

Select Personalized Wall Art and Furnishings

Posters of your favorite ball team or rock band aren’t a bad idea for decorating a dorm room, but they are not very personal either. If you choose to add a few of these generic elements to your college dorm room, then don’t forget to add a personalized touch. For example, you could hang old license plates or musical instruments on the wall. These types of wall art furnishings show that you have been places and have been involved in cultural pastimes. A poster of your hometown, or a map of places that you have visited would add a touch of warmth and intimacy to your dorm room. Decorating a dorm room with wall art is a great way to show your college dorm room hall mates that you have eccentric style and artistic interests.