When decorating a child’s room why not use green products? One of the many reasons that parents have not started decorating their child’s room with green products is the misconception that green products are more expensive and they lack the patterns, style and availably. This is not longer the case; a Childs room can be decorated in green products that are cost effective, healthy, non-toxic and fun. The green products that are readily available and fashionable too are green paint, cork floors, organic bedding, and Eco-friendly furniture.

Paint is wonderful place to start, Benjamin Moore Paint Company has developed a paint called natura. This green paint has no VOC’s and no odor. This means that the paint is toxic free and releases no off gasses, you can paint the room in the morning and sleep in it that night. The cost of the paint is about 20-30% more than your lower end paint, but you actually will make up the difference in cost by not having to apply a primer and only using one or two coats as opposed to three coats of inexpensive paint. The time that you spend painting the room is also less, because the paint is of better quality and takes less paint for a room. In fact one 3 quart will usually cover a small room.

Cork flooring is the perfect alternative to carpet. Cork floor tiles are: Clean, natural, durable, dust resistance, mold resistant, and absorbs noise. Cork floor is also soft for playing on with enough padding for falls. Cork releases no off gasses like carpet does, carpet is one of the most toxic elements that you can put in any home. Cork flooring and carpet are about the same in cost, but Coke flooring is healthy and considered an Eco-friendly and green product.

Bedding for children can be so much fun and really add character and color to a room. Most children will play on top of their bedding and pillows, so you want to make sure that the fabric is toxic free and pH balanced. Many companies have organic bedding available. One way to save on cost is to purchase the comforter in a solid color organic material and then add fun and funky throw pillows.

Children’s furniture is now available in Eco-friendly material. This is the one place that I recommend splurging, but in the end the quality of green furniture will outlast most children’s furniture that has been made from laminate and particle board. Most of your Eco-friendly green furniture is of good quality and craftsmanship. Most of the off gasses come from the glue and stains that are put on furniture. Formaldehydes are used for preserving, and many stains have petroleum in them and will smell similar to gasoline when purchased. Eco-friendly furniture has to goes through standards where the toxicity of the glue and stains are tested to make sure that they are not permitting off gases. A child’s room should be a fun, clean, safe and a healthy environment for them to grow up in.