Feng Shui is very unique in the sense that it actually involves some key principles that involve the movement of energy and moving blocked areas so energy moves at a balanced pace around the entire home. There are several ways to enhance your home with Feng Shui techniques that can really enlighten and add a vivacious light to your home. The Bagua which consist of fame, reputation, relationships, career, health, wealth, children, creativity, knowledge, helpful people and family are all part of feng shui which will provide a completeness to the home.

Decorating with mirrors, water, plants, color, sound, scene are just some basic ways to establish a start to your Feng Shui Heaven. Color can have an important influence, for example in China, red brings good luck so it often used in homes, precisely on the door. Green, which represents freshness, peace and growth can add a serene tranquility to your home. It is important to use plants that have healthy leaves, you do not want to use fake plants or dry plants, this will create a dead atmosphere. Blue wallpaper and carpet or soft furnishings are good because the portray water, which if very calming. Another symbolic decoration can be fish, which goes great with blues, and represents wealth.
In your kitchen, metaphors are important and represented in the Feng Shui principles. White is typically the most used color in Feng Shui kitchens, white is very clean and and is easy to see what is dirty or needs to be cleaned. Rounded edges are important also for creating a soft look. The kitchen itself should be constructed in triangular shape with some natural light pouring into the room. It is of utmost importance to not have the kitchen near the front door, instead use a water fountain, or decorative artwork which will generate wealth.

Moving on to the bedroom, you want to have equality and balance in a room so it will feel level. You should be very careful of what you put around the bed as it can create clutter and be mind boggling before you go to bed. Round, and oval shapes can create a calm and inviting atmosphere. One way to make the room more intimate is to have artwork of couples together. All work should be kept out of the bedroom as well. Also do not try to cram furniture into the room, keep it light and simple.

According to Feng Shui principles you should keep the door closed. In a bathroom you want to have no clutter and perhaps decorate with rich gold colors or natural pottery clay. Adding a plant can add life to the room as well.

Creating a Feng Shui home can be personal and yet inviting to others at the same time. I really think after researching more and learning about Feng Shui I actually am going to try some of these tips myself. I think that just abiding by some of the principles could create a calmer and more peaceful atmosphere for my home. For all of your aspiring homemakers, first time home buyers or if you are just simply bored with your old decor, try Feng Shui decorating, it can really refresh not only your home but you might find your own personal principals as well.