Exotic interior decorating takes you on a flying carpet to far-off islands, where you might be walking on a sandy beach or lying in a hammock beneath a shady palm. And bringing that atmosphere, these shady moments to your home is easy with exotic interior decorating ideas. Discover the beauty of coastal home decorating and the sultry allure of tropical interior decorating. Then envelope yourself in the oasis of Southwestern home decorating or the lush beauty of palm tree home decor.

Palm Tree Decor

Palm tree decor is unique in its ability to add exotic elegance to several types of home decor from Mediterranean to Tuscan decor, coastal to Hawaiian decor, beach to island decor. The graceful shape of the palm tree, and the oasis and plenty it symbolizes in the midst of parched sands, make it a beautiful home decor element. Here are a few imaginative ways in which palm tree decor can enhance your home with its exotic elegance.

Southwestern Decor

Southwestern decor imparts the allure of a desert oasis to your home decor. With the warm tones of sand and sunshine, Southwestern decor subdues the harsh elements with colorful fabrics, water fountains and plants, creating an atmosphere of an everlasting siesta. Discover the warmth of Southwestern decor in these simple home deco ideas, and create your very own shady spot from the world.

Tropical Decor

Like an exotic island retreat, tropical decor fills your home decor with the lush beauty of a dream vacation. Life envelopes you everywhere, in plants and tropical decor fabrics, in water fountains and wicker woven into patterns of flowing wood. Fans circulate the air to give it freshness, and tropical decor art captivates the eye. Discover how easily you can enrich your home decor with the lush beauty of tropical decor.

Coastal Decor

Like trading-in your high heels for flip flops, coastal decor will dress your home decor for a day of sailing, sea and sun. With a simple color palette, pale fabrics and sea shore decorations, coastal decor is incredibly easy to create. And inexpensive too, making coastal decor an ideal solution for old or chaotic rooms. Discover the simple principals behind the casual beauty of coastal decor.