It’s summer and you should fully enjoy your sunroom. Make it less bright, cooler and add a summer theme to your in-home get-away space.
Easy Summer Decorating Ideas for Your Sunroom

Tread Lightly

Remove heavy carpeting or thick throw rugs and replace them with something lighter. Consider a series of bamboo or seagrass floor mats, or use bath mats made with natural stones.

Brighten The Floor

Brighten the floor and the entire space with a colorful striped or plaid madras rug, placed under your center table. Look for rugs with corals, pinks, oranges or yellows.

Paint Your Wicker

Paint your wicker chairs to make them look new again. Repair any damage first, prime the chairs and paint them. You can use spray paint.

Go Green

Bring real plants into your sunroom for summer, if you don’t have any already. Remove silk plants which are dust magnets and not as attractive as the real thing.

Summer Sheer

If your sunroom is a place you avoid during the summer months because, ironically, it’s too hot, use decorating ideas to cool it off. Hang long sheer curtains with hooks about a foot from the sunniest wall, from the ceiling. Use a curtain rod or more hooks (depending on the structure of the windows in your sunroom) to attach curtains to the top of the window frame, letting them hang loosely down. Sheer curtains will ward off some of the extra sun, and still let the light into your indoor/outdoor space.

Round and Round: Fan

If you cannot convince your significant other or children to cool you off with palm leaves, invest in a ceiling fan or a series of fans set on the floor to cool the sunroom to a comfortable temperature. Ceiling fan blades can be painted white or be painted to look like long palm fronds.

Natural Objects D’Art

Decorate with a light and focused hand, choosing natural objects as accessories.

Sunroom Decor Themes

Beach – Decorate a beach-themed sun room with a large piece of driftwood on an open shelf, or large shells as bookends. For a Cape Cod theme, use cool blues and stone grays as well as beige on the walls and in fabric choices. Decorate with found shutters or frames for wall art, and place seashells around the room, in unexpected locations. Art can include homemade drawings of starfish or sandcastles.

Southwest – Use kiln-fired pottery pieces which have been left unglazed, earthy and are gritty with texture.

French Countryside – Use indoor window boxes of fresh lavender and sunflowers, letting the yellows and purples chart your course for the sunroom decor colors. Decorate with new and used garden tools, seed packets, or any gardening art.