Pictures are a universal way to dress up walls in your kitchen, living-family room or bathroom. One large, two or three medium, many small or a collage of different sizes in a group provides a homeowner with the option to switch pictures from the frames if design taste changes. Besides pictures, there are other simple wall decorations that can be used to dress up the walls of rooms most often seen by visitors to your home.


Informal family and friend get-togethers often congregate in the kitchen as snacks or meals are prepared. Empty walls can be a place to display small shelves to hold spices. Attach hooks to hold aprons. Nail or screw several flat, serving trays to an empty wall where the trays become a stylish accent.

Craft paint and stencils can be an easy and cheap way to dress up kitchen walls. Images of fruit, vegetables or faux tile can be created with craft paint.

Living Room or Family Room

Mirrors are always stylish decorating ideas. Place one by the door for a final look before stepping out. Place three same-sized mirrors side-by-side on a wall to reflect light from a window.

Apply stick-on cork tiles to help reduce noise. The tiles can cover an entire wall, just a wide (like 2 foot) strip around the room or just on one wall and in a checkerboard pattern.

Pictures aren’t the only thing that can be framed. Frame antique-quality napkins or handkerchiefs, covers of old photograph albums or calendars, or a collage of favorite holiday cards. Remove the glass from the frame and glue on treasures like sea shells the kids collected or ribbons they won. A quilt that coordinates with or contrasts against the wall color can be hung from a sturdy rod. Fabric used in this fashion also helps to absorb noise.


Give a small bath a visual enlargement with large stripes of two shades of the same color of paint or even two different colors of paint. Paint the wall the lighter shade and allow the paint dry, preferably at least 24 hours. Use a level to evenly apply painter’s tape in straight lines either vertically from floor to ceiling or horizontal from one corner to the next. Use the darker shade of paint to cover the area between the taped lines. The results may be that the two shades create equally wide stripes, like 10 inches wide. Or, you may choose to make the stripes of one shade wider than the other shade, like the light shade 10 inches wide and the dark shade 5 inches wide.

Apply a wallpaper border or stencil a border just above the sink level and around the room. The wallpaper or stencil design may be floral for a tradition d├ęcor, geometric patterns for a modern statement or a scenic landscape for a country theme.