Ever considered decorating your bedroom, living room or halls a mirror or two for added interest in that part of the house? Decorating with mirrors can look great with mirrors in a variety of sizes and styles and they are good for more places than just the bathroom. Mirrors can be more than a utility; they can be a form of art. You can choose to make a mirror a nice focal point of a room, or simply use a mirror or set of smaller mirrors as accent pieces. Here are just a few examples of what you can do with mirrors designers and home decorators are currently using out there on the market.

Large Mirrors

These mirrors are great as focal points to a large room, like a den or living room. Ideally you would want to have the mirror hanging at a position on the wall that is comfortable to at least see your own face in the mirror. Beveled rectangular mirrors tend to work best for this kind of placement. You can place them on top of a mantle of a fireplace for a more traditional look as well.

Small Mirrors

You can go for a more modern look and feel by using small mirrors. Modern designers and decorators have been using little mirrors to create a “fragmented” look. This is accomplished by having asymmetrical pieces of glass staggered across the wall horizontally or vertically. This kind of design is great for a hallway crying out for a little modern flare. This look can be achieved very inexpensively by picking these type of Mirrors up at your local Ross or Target.

You can use little mirrors too with candle holders. You can find several kinds of wall framed candle holders with mirrors; they are sometimes called “Infinity candle holders”. They have little brackets for candles with mirrors behind them that make the flames have a multidimensional reflective glow.

Placement Ideas

You can do a lot for a room by thinking about where you decide to place your mirrors. Whether you are dealing with medium to large mirrors, or small ones, there’s definitely an art to getting the most out of your mirrors if you think into where you would like to view them. Obviously you don’t want to put a mirror somewhere you will most-likely never look.

You should avoid putting mirrors on a wall anywhere other than at eye-level. You ideally would like to get some kind of use out of the reflective surface other than filling a space on a wall. For instance, you could place a large or medium size mirror on a wall that is opposite from a painting or picture or set of pictures you have hanging on the other wall. This way you can enjoy the reflection of your art or photos from multiple angles in your room and you can enjoy the style the mirror itself adds to the wall.

Also, aside from style or design, in Feng Shui, they advise people to place a mirror inside your front door to keep away any evil spirits. You might as well keep some bad spirits away while having a nice looking piece on the inside of your front door for you to enjoy, right?

In conclusion, you can easily add more depth and style to your room by simply adding a mirror or two in the right places. You can find many of the mirrors to implement any of these simple but effective ideas at Bed Bath amp; Beyond or Home Depot.