A traditional style bathroom employs a timeless design that won’t go out of fashion.
1. An old-fashioned bathtub, such as a clawfoot cast iron tub can really be a focal point in a traditional style bathroom. These types of bathtubs can be put in any area of a bathroom to create a great fixture in a traditional bathroom.

2. Traditional style taps or fixtures are a must in this style of bathroom. This means white, black or stainless steel hot and cold water taps which feature H and C to represent hot and cold.

3. Consider wallpaper or borders, tongue and groove paneling or other wood paneling for a traditional touch. Flower wallpaper can be a great touch-you can even wallpaper one wall and paint the rest of the room for a neat traditional touch.

4. A dark wood style, perhaps mahogany for cabinets make a great touch for a traditional style bathroom.

5. Black and white tile or color scheme for the wall or floor can be a great touch for a bathroom. For instance, Subway Ceramics has great tiles for a traditional look to help inspire you.

6. Romantic touches such as pale pink or light blue, or try a deep red for a Victorian style bathroom. This could be in terms of the wallpaper or even in your choice of towels.

7. Add personal vintage touches, perhaps in a large mirror or in a chandelier for lighting. This is where you can have lots of fun and show your personality with your choice of accessories.

8. Wall-lamps or sconces, especially over wallpaper or wood paneling, looks great for delicate lighting options-choose warmer bulbs and avoid fluorescent or halogen lighting. Multiple and varied lighting choices look great in a traditional bathroom.

9. Don’t leave the walls blank-even over wallpaper you can put old-fashioned framed photos or paintings to add traditional charm. Unexpected family photos or rich landscapes can look great in a traditional style bathroom. Even a large oil painting can really be a great addition.

10. Try an ornate or even vintage type vanity or basin. This can be a freestanding vanity that mimics the claw feet details on a traditional tub, or even a glass vanity next to a sink where you could put your make-up on in the bathroom. The more romantic the basin the better.