Basic human instincts lean toward nurturing other living things and plants are an agreeable charge. Treasure the therapeutic chore of caring for interior plants in cool seasons. Include the exotic Hawaiian Ti in your interior collection.
Hawaiian Ti Plant

Cordyline Terminalis may be large or small, typically reaching 3-10 ft with a spread of half. It is elegant and attractive as a single specimen or in groupings. Use larger plants to make a living wall, block a view or for a decorating change. This specimen offers a tropical look to an indoor room as it helps purify the air and lift spirits.

The upright and open form may be easily manipulated by pruning the top canes. New growth will appear below the cut. Try potting three canes together and prune at different heights for an interesting effect.

Specimens vary in size, as do their many uses. Use for a range of interior decorating needs, from desktop to floor specimen in humid areas of the home.

Filtered Light

Light for your dracaena should never be direct, although it may be brightly filtered. The Hawaiian Ti prefers dry soil, particularly in winter. Fluoride in the water causes leaf spotting and tip burn in the Dracaena; water with bottled water or let water set for 48 hours before using on the Hawaiian Ti.

Outdoor Use

When temperatures outside are above 50 degrees, a humid area in shade or filtered sun, (shaded Jacuzzi/hot tub, pool) provides another great location for this specimen. Humidity may also come from placing the plant on a pebble tray filled with water, being careful not to splash the leaves. Once properly situated and established the Hawaiian Ti provides a diversity of uses.

Purchase a healthy specimen, no matter the size. A few leaves may drop during the initial adjustment, but once established, this plant offers years of enjoyment. Satisfy your gardening need with interior plants, of which the Good Luck plant will become a favored specimen.