Your living room decor is important. It is the primary room seen by guests and visitors. You walk into the living room following a hard day’s work. You entertain company and bond with your family there. As the name implies, it is where you do much of your living. Because of this, you should pay special attention to the look of your living room. It should be welcoming and pleasant. Depending upon your personality and lifestyle, you may want it to be lively and vibrant or calm and soothing. Learn how to use colors, furniture and trimmings to reach your desired effect.
Determine the decorating style that best suits your taste (and your spouse’s taste, if you are married). By settling on a style, you can shop for furnishings, lighting fixtures and accessories with an idea of what you are seeking in mind. Click here for an online decorating style quiz that will help you ascertain your style.

Choose a type of flooring. If you already have nice, thick carpet or polished hardwood floors, consider yourself blessed. If not, check into affordable yet beautifying options such as colored concrete (it can have the look of marble) or wood-look laminates.

Select a color that matches the mood you desire for your living room. Soft hues like blues and greens are soothing and encourage silence. Warm tones such as reds and yellows promote energy and interaction. Earth tones, including creams or beiges, are both inviting and sophisticated. Sherwin Williams has a great online color section tool, here, that can help you visualize your choices without even trekking to the paint store.

Invest in quality furniture that will last not only your lifetime, but that can also become heirloom pieces. True quality never goes out of style, and if color or patterns become an issue you can utilize attractive slipcovers or even have pieces reupholstered. Make sure the furniture fits the room in both design style and size. Large rooms call for equally large furnishings, and smaller areas require pieces that are more diminutive.

Complete the room with appropriate lighting. Incorporate several types of lighting. Ceiling fixtures will provide light to live by, while floor and table lamps can create a more tranquil mood. Task lighting, such as a small reading lamp near a chair, is also a good idea for a living room.