If space is the final frontier, decorating ideas for a living room that is way too big for the few sticks of furniture you own can help you tame it. Don’t spend a bunch of money on living room furniture you don’t need; learn clever tips for dividing rooms instead!
Defining the Problem

While most anyone finds large rooms appealing, a living room that is more cavernous than homey greatly detracts from the overall appeal of a home. Frequently the problem arises that — even after adding all the living room furniture the homeowner has – there is still plenty of wall space that is bare.

Home Decoration Begins with a Paintbrush

Bright colors reflect light; darker colors absorb it. It is for this reason that home decoration mavens urge homeowners to paint small rooms in light, bright and soft colors. Make this information work for you by painting the living room in a darker color. Opt for relaxing colors that are inviting. Examples include blue, green and also soft brown tones.

Decorating Ideas for a Living Room: Furniture Displays

Work with the living room furniture you have. Darker colors are a good idea in a larger space. If you have light beige tones or blond wood, dress up the sofas with darker throw pillows and add dark coasters to the table. Introduce a couple of large area rugs around which to place the furniture. This offers another visual dividing line.

Consider arranging several seating areas, such as a number of comfy chairs around a coffee table while placing the sofa, with some end tables and perhaps another couple of comfy chairs, facing the television. Resist the urge to shove the furniture against the wall, as you might do in a smaller space.

Large Living Room Space Planning Calls for Pictures

Ideally you would hang a huge oil painting on the wall to make use of the space while concurrently drawing the eye away from the large living room. Since the odds are good that you do not own a painting that size, create a picture display that is large in size instead.

A good idea is a grouping of nine or 12 identical frames that hold black and white photos, pressed leaves or anything else you would like to display. Do It Yourself also suggests tapestries, since they are rather large, but they also cost a pretty penny.

Work around this problem by displaying your gorgeous quilted blanket on a curtain rod attached to the wall. Large potted plants – scattered around the room – tie together the decorating ideas for a living room that is too big for comfort.

Dividing Rooms with Lights

Lamps, wall scones, recessed lights and accent lighting draw the eye. Ensure that there is sufficient lighting in the room, but focus a lot of attention on one wall or area. The eye will automatically pay attention to that spot and dismiss the rest of the expanse.