Teatime items and designs evoke images of warm friendship and gracious hospitality. Antiques and collectibles provide unusual décor options. These ideas can help you decorate an extraordinary dining room with vintage teapot accessories and teatime motifs.

Dining Room Decorating with Vintage Teapots

A vast array of collectible teapots is available for use in home décor. Most accessible are pieces from the 1920s to 70s, though higher priced antique teapots may show up as well. With so many different styles, shapes, colors, and materials of teapots existing, you could choose to decorate with an eclectic mix of attractive or interesting pieces.

Consider choosing a special teaset for a dining table centerpiece, or a grouping of several vintage pots. Display other teapots on or in buffets, china closets, or other dining room furniture. Experiment with wall shelves to display additional teapots.

Another idea is to specialize in one type or style of pot. For instance, you could focus on floral teapots or with pots featuring a particular kind of flower. You might find an English bone china teapot with a multi-colored bouquet of wildflowers design from the 60s, or a hand-painted antique Japanese teapot with a pretty violet chintz pattern. It would look striking to use a pot or two as a vase filled with arrangements matched to the color or flower type of the piece’s pattern.

Music box teapots are another possible focus for your dining room décor. In the U.S., these were most popular from the 1940s – 60s, and modern melodious pots are still being made. Some musical vintage teapots are novelties only while others can actually be used for making tea. For example, you might find and decorate with a gold-trimmed white porcelain pot featuring a miniature twirling ballerina figure. Or an “Enesco” marked music box teapot with a colorful bluebird design. You can coordinate the musical or floral teapots with vintage ephemera with teapot or teatime motifs used as wall art.

Dining Room Wall Décor with Vintage Teapot Motifs

Older recipe leaflets with teatime cover art would make attractive, coordinated wall décor. You can frame entire booklets if thin, or just the covers. Tea companies or other food production companies may have produced these booklets. Vintage sheet music with teapot related graphics also looks sensational when shown off as wall art. For instance, the cover of a wonderful old piece of music I own features an early design of a young boy and girl, dressed in early century clothing, enjoying a tasty tea party.

Antique postcards and advertising cards are other options for colorful, authentic teatime related or decorated wall décor. You might find and display an early 1900s postcard showing a woman sitting with a gypsy tealeaf reader, or a Valentine’s greeting depicting a young girl in a rocking chair with adjacent teapot and warming stand. Or maybe an early 1900s advertising postcard by Lipton Co., showing workers plucking tea in Ceylon. When decorating a dining room with vintage teapots and teatime motifs there are many unusual possibilities.