Changing the color of a room can transform your house into a home. You can paint a room to make it fit your taste and lifestyle. To save money, you might choose to paint your home yourself. There are things you can do to ensure you have a perfect paint job that will last for years. Here I will go over common interior painting mistakes and how you can avoid them.

1. Bad or no preparation

Before painting a room it is best to do all of the prep work up front. You don’t want to start painting a room and then have to stop to tape the trim on the windows. Painting can be much faster and more efficient if all prep work is finished before you even being painting. Some prep work that should be done before painting is removing any furniture that can be moved, cleaning the walls that are to be painted, tape off any trim that is not going to be painted, remove all faceplates from light switches and outlets, laying down a drop cloth or thick sheet.

2. Using incorrect tools

It is hard to do a great paint job if you are not using the correct tools. Talk to the paint expert where you purchase your paint to see what type of brush is best to use with the type of paint that you buy. Remember that the better the brush you purchase, the better the paint application will be. Some people try to save money by buying inexpensive brushes, but in the end it is best to spend the extra money for a quality brush.

3. Not buying enough paint

If you do not buy enough paint in the beginning you will have to go back to the store and have them remix your color. This can cause color inconsistencies and might show up if you have one wall painted with one can and another wall with the new can. The best way to ensure that you have no color inconsistencies is to buy all of your paint at one time to ensure the colors will match.

4. Not testing the color on your walls

You should always paint a test strip on your on wall and watch the test strip for about two days and watch how the color changes with the sunlight to be sure that it is the color you are happy with. Doing this can help you avoid repainting the room if you are unhappy with the color.

5. Painting a second coat too soon

Not waiting long enough between coats can cause the second coat to not go on smoothly and will end in unsatisfactory results. Be sure that the wall is completely dry before starting the second coat of paint.

These are 5 common mistakes people make when painting the inside of their home. Following these tips can help your paint job feel less stressful.